At OPUS MOSAIC, we have extensive specialist knowledge in the care of tiled flooring, built up over more than twenty years’ experience.  We can offer a complete solution to your tiled floor needs, whether your floor requires brightening up, small or extensive repairs, or replication.


Small repairs are carried out on site, and we have the facility to reconstruct larger damages in our workshop. We stock an extensive range of reclaimed Victorian tiles that we have collected over the years, which are ideal for colour matching to your floor. 


Tiles were originally laid in areas of high traffic in the Victorian and Edwardian home, due to durability and ease of maintenance.  Although these older floors are usually much more durable than newer replica floors, wear and tear can inevitably impact on their appearance, which may have become dull beneath layers of accumulated dirt that is difficult to remove.  We use sympathetic, non-damaging modern materials and old-fashioned elbow grease to clean and restore your floor, removing the grime and allowing the lustre and shine to return.


“We didn’t know if we would be able to keep the original Victorian tiled floor that we found under the carpet in our hallway. It was damaged from screws and cracks and filthy from years of dust and carpet glue. Opus Mosaics transformed our damaged and dirty tiles into the most beautiful floor with the upmost care, precision and professionalism”.